Shortcut or a macro to apply a color on an event

I am looking to create a keyboard shortcut or a macro to apply a color on an event. This can be the last color in memory, simply, or a color depending on the color number (colors from the palette can be presented by number). I believe it is difficult or impossible. Thank you for helping me.

p.s. The context is that I am using shortcuts for full editing and editing. I rarely touch my mouse. But for the color, I have to, which is unpleasant. The same goes for scrolling, however. Weakness of Cubase …

This weakness is amply counterbalanced by the strength of being able to make one’s own custom commands.
Do you have the preset “Examples - Colorize small MIDI parts” in your PLE drop down menu? That shows an example.

Yes, I am watching this. Thank you. And can we give it a shortcut?

For the weakness, I meant for the Scrolling. Nothing shortcuts. Nothing in Eucon. I’m talking about moving the screen (Control + wheel).

If you set up a key command for a preset, you can conveniently apply the same operation to several selected events in one go.

Fantastic on the logical editor’s side. What a tool! But now that I have my preset working, I don’t understand how to create a shortcut to make it work.

  1. Open the File menu and select “Key Commands…”.

  2. Use the list in the Commands column to navigate to the category “Process Project Logical Editor”
    and click the “+” sign to display the items in the folder.

  3. In the list, select the item to which you want to assign a key command, click in the “Type in Key” field and enter a new key command.

  4. Click the Assign button above the field.

The new key command appears in the Keys List.

  1. Click OK to exit the dialog.

I couldn’t find because Cubase keeps the entries and definitions in English in the French version. Everything’s fine. Thank you very much!

Aha, i see … :thinking: but good 4U you worked it out !