Shortcut to delete any interval or loop in the ruler (without moving the mouse)?

I’m trying to create a shortcut to delete any interval or loop in the ruler (without moving the mouse). I can’t find it. Does anyone have a trick?

Cut Time. You have to set this on your own under the Edit Tab

I misspoke. I mean without touching any of the tracks. Just remove the delimiters so you can’t see them anymore. A shortcut.

You don’t need to touch the tracks if you use cycle markers. they select all the tracks in the range, then cut time

I don’t want to cut the time, I just want to make this disappear on the ruler:


To give this :


I’m only talking about the display.


  1. select in loop
  2. delete

Not in front of daw at the moment, so I paraphrase.

No, it doesn’t work…

Be in the range tool.

The hand is on it, but no key deletes the selection in the ruler. The only way to do this is to close it with the mouse. It’s like weed!

P.S. The best I can come up with is Shift+D, so open the Delimiter Duration and set it to zero. But that’s several manipulations again.

Assuming I’ve understood correctly and you just want to quickly move the locators out of the way:

Numpad"." Go To Project Start
Ctrl Numpad"2". Set right locator to project cursor position.
Ctrl Numpad"1". Set left locator to project cursor position.

Not bad. It’s the fastest so far. Thanks a lot!

I’ve also created a macro for the 3 elements. Thanks again.

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No, with the range tool selected it does what I said. If no track is selected, the entire vertical area in the cycle is affected, or if track(s) are selected that same area but only on the selected tracks will be affected.

The terms used in Steinberg world for events in the project view are as follows:

  • Midi “parts”
  • audio and other things, eg automation, “events”.

Steve, we don’t understand each other, but it’s probably my English translated from French (hence the differences in terms: I work with the French version of Nuendo). I don’t want to touch the editing in any way, and it’s none of the intervals’ business. I just want to remove the delimiters from my view. But thanks for your attention, it’s appreciated. Best regards.

Ah, thanks. Ca fait Locators en anglais

Yes, sorry.

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