Shortcut to move left or right locators?

Hi folks, is it possible to make a keyboard shortcut that will move my locators left or right, according to the quantize setting?

Just to be clear, i don’t want to move the whole loop section, just the left or right locators individually.


I use the mouse-wheel on the Locators element of the toolbar. Very flexible, very quick. (If you haven’t got it visible, right-click on the toolbar and select Locators. You have to do it separately for Project and Mixer. It’s also available on the Transport.)

Cheers, C

I’ve done something like this in a macro, but it’s not a single command… Basically you have to locate the play cursor to one of the locators, then ‘nudge’ the play cursor, then set the locator to the new play cursor position. See my screen shot which shows a macro which expands the L/R loop size by one bar on each end.