Shortcut to select previous or next clips?

Just a simple question Philippe, is there a shortcut to select the previous or next clip (like clicking into one clip, then the next one, etc) ?
I know ctrl-page >> to place the cursor to the next event, but how to browse clips with selection (in order to see the differences of plugin content in the clip explorer) between previous and next clips. I searched for this function several times in the manual but did not find it. If this function does not exists, it could have been a very simple and great add.

This is possible:

Unfortunately, no, this is not exactly what I am searching for. I need to SELECT the previous or next clip, not having the cursor placed in front of a previous of next clip. This function does not select the clip content, so it does not allow you to compare any changes in the inspector between next clips. Or, for example, quickly browse all iterations of a same plugin in a clip sequence to detect any change between all of them.

There is no shortcut, if you use plugin chain windows, you can use these buttons.


This being said, it would be a good idea to make the clip active, when navigating from one another, so as to update the inspector.

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If show “Clips” tab and marked then it’s possible go with Arrows
from one Clip to the next one…

regards S-EH

Not always S-EHansson, because if you have several tracks that have several parallel clips, this will not work. This can work only when you have one track opened.

Yes Philippe, that’s true, I simply forgot these buttons in the plugin chain windows.
That said, the inconvenience is that you have access to the last active plugin opened each time you click on next or previous. That means not always the plugins potentially targetted to make a quick compare (or you may have to select them on each clip, prior to make any comparison with those buttons) !
It may have been more useful to stay on the same plugin place (I mean, the same rank position) selected at first, in order to compare same plugins settings to detects any changes between the previous or next same plugin (supposing the same type of plugins stayied at the same rank position on each clip). Or as a second option, to follow the same types of plugins when clicking previous or next (supposing you don’t have two or more iterations of the same plugin inside a clip, in this case the priority would go to the same type of plugin placed at the same place like the previous one selected).

Whatever, as you said yourself, it would be an excellent idea to have the ability to make the clip active when navigating from one to another, in order to update the inspector at each navigation. This would allow to quickly visualize the changes in the inspector between clips (new inserts, muted effects, etc…)

This will be added…

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