Shortcut to set the cursor at the wanted location

There is a set of keys “Alt Maj” click to set the cursor on a location, but this is not a shortcut
when working on massive score editing, it would be nice to have a simple handy one key shortcut, but I don’t find where to allocate it in the shortcuts list of parameters
Any idea ?

There are a few ways, for example.

  • using Markers and its associated key commands,

  • Select an object and use the Locate Selection Start command

Well, I’m better looking for an “on the fly” process, not having to set markers

did you finish reading?

I’m not sure, if something in the original question is maybe lost in translation?

@jacques are you looking for a way to type in a measure number?

If yes, there’s a key command in the “Transport” section > “Enter Project Cursor Position”.

On my system it’s set to “Shift-P”.

To go to measure 84, I type 4 keystrokes:


Well, I’m looking to create a shorcut that works the same way as Alt Maj with just one key
Just clicking on a location holding that key would set the cursor at it

What does Alt Maj mean? It’s different in english. Does it mean Alt-Left-click?

Did you try

My guess he means the Alt+Shift+Click to position the project cursor. I have no idea why it wouldn’t work in large scores, but the only way I know to use a keyboard shortcut instead is autohotkey.
(Oh sorry, you already saw)

“Maj” stands for “Majuscule” (uppercase in French) which is the Shift key, as mentioned by @Friede
You know, I guess the OP is looking for that shortcut preference that is placed in an unexpected location!

You can change that shortcut here:

Another option in addition to those already mentioned is that you can place the position cursor in Editors and also in the main project window without any shortcut, by checking “Locate when Clicked in Empty Space” in Preferences>Transport.


wow !
these are very powerful tools that will increase my ease and workflow

The “locate when clicked in empty space” tip is the best way to proceed

But, in case of wanting to set the cursor in a space which is not empty, I’ve set the editing tool modifier to just “Ctrl”, which is handy for me who uses the mouse with the left hand to click with right one.
I could never had found this tip, that is not in the kb shortcuts, but in preferences, and in my french Cubase version, it doesn’t appear as “set cursor position” but just as “set position”

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