Shortcut to show midi track's vst audio output channel?

Is there a shortcut to toggle viewing/selecting a midi track’s audio output channel? This is for automation purpose. Once I’m done I’ll toggle it to hide again (my normal view).


Are you using an Instrument Track or Instrument Rack? If you are using Instrument Track, you could use “Show Used Automation (Selected Tracks)” and “Hide Automation” commands. But if you are using Instrument Rack, and dedicated Return Channels, I cannot see an option.

Or you can setup your own Visibility Configurations.

I’m using instrument rack, but the problem is I can’t see the output channels in the arranger window. I’ve checked the visibility settings and they don’t show up. They’re present in the mix console but I can’t get them to the arranger window.

If I could, maybe when I press the ‘e’ button of the midi track it’ll highlight the output track. Because currently the faderport’s fader goes to the corresponding audio channel when I click the ‘e’ of the midi track, but it isn’t visibile in the arrange window.


In the Project window, these Audio Return Channels are in the VST Instruments/Instrument name folder. See attached screenshot.

Could you send screenshot of yours project, please?
Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 9.48.31.png

I don’t have a folder like this. I’ve checked visibility settings and they’re set to “show all tracks”.

I’m not aware about any preferences, which could affects this.

Could you try to enable Write Automation on one of the Instrument Return in the MixConsole, hit playback, and move the fader? The automation should be written, and it should forces Cubase to show this channel in the Project window.