Shortcut to switch between pencil & eraser ?

Hi folks !
I’m suddenly unable to switch from the pencil tool to the eraser tool in the midi edit window with a shortcut. As i just ended a long time work on pro tools, maybe my memory plays on me tricks, but i’m pretty certain i did it in the past. Any idea ? :slight_smile:

I can’t find a way of switching tools by using a modifier key, as in Pro Tools.

The number keys (not number pad) can be used:
1 Pencil Tool
5 Erase Tool

These shortcuts could be changed to two adjacent keys for extra speed.

See if what you want is in …
preferences->Editing->Tool Modifiers

I was refering to a temporary switch with something like ctrl + alt, or Shift + ctrl + alt, something like that. Thats crazy, i’m pretty certain i had a shortcut to switch between arrow tool, pencil tool and eraser in the past. Multiplicity of projects drove me to be a daw wh*re (cubase, pro tools, samplitude, live…) and now that i’m back to my main tool, i’m lost ! Grrr… :mrgreen:

There is no modifier for the Pencil Tool. How can I add my own?

I’m using just the Object Selection tool. You can use the Pencil tool by Cmd press. And if I want to delete something, I jus select it by the tool, and press Delete. It’s the most efective way, for me.

Yes - using the alt key as a modifier is very useful in Pro Tools.

Another possible method:
Select a note with the pencil tool.
This is fast if the left hand is hovering over DELETE or BACKSPACE.
Unfortunately, multiple selection of notes does not work, because a new note is created.

Thanks JMCecil
There doesn’t seem to be an action for toggling Pencil/Eraser.
It would be very useful if Steinberg increased the number of Actions in Preferences/Editing/Tool Modifiers

+1 :mrgreen:
Over the years i learned multiple daws like pro tools, samplitude (use it since sek’d years), ableton live, sonar, etc, but something i never found elsewhere (than in cubase) is the ability to shorten / make longer the start or the end of a midi note with the ctrl + shift + alt keys. Something you can’t live without once you get it. Highway to productivity. Can’t believe other daw brands do not realize how fast it is to edit a midi part with that simple keys combination. In midi, cubase rules, and i truly believe with cubase 7 and the implementation of a full drag and drop architecture (and i hope a DECENT FREEZE with the ability to move frozen parts - grrr… request it for years !), cubase will be the best daw on the market. A clip based efx rack could also be a great improvement. (but i’m a little bit off topic… :laughing: )

Good idea, but:
alt key not cmd?

I don’t need to press ctrl + shift + alt keys.
I just move the Object Select Tool to the start or end of a note, and then the tool changes to the shorten/lengthen note icon.
Perhaps this only works on a Mac.

This is on Widows too.

Sorry, you are right, the Alt key is the right one.

For editing primarily with the range tool, it would be really great to have a modifier to temporarily switch to the select tool. Would be great for resizing events without extra commands/keystrokes.

Not being able to add “actions” to the tool modifier list has driven me a little nuts for a while now.

How about editable tool modifiers as a feature request?


Modifiers are editable. Check Preferences > Tool Modifiers. Lots of options, here. :wink: