Shortcut to take all tracks out of record?

Hi Everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season. I am wondering if anyone knows a shortcut to take all tracks out of record?

I sometimes have tracks nested inside of folders and they sometimes are inadvertently left in record when I go to mix down a master file. Anyone know if there is a way to take all tracks out of record mode? (if indeed any are in record mode) so that I don’t have to peek inside all of the folder tracks before making a master recording.

Peace on Earth!

There’s a global record button at the top of the track list but I don’t know if it affects hidden tracks. Another option might be select all and use the record key command. Again, it might not work on hidden/ collapsed tracks.

So, I am thinking that this is not possible? It would be truly handy if it were.

hi Skyko

One workaround may be to place all you folders/tracks into a folder. Maybe label it “everything”. Then enable/disable the record button on the “everything” folder. (double click it essentially)
I haven’t tried this but if I needed to get where you want to be this is the first thing I would try.


I think a folder for all tracks will be the only solution.
The global read/write in top of the list is just for automation if I see it right.

Cheers, Matze!

Very cool, thanks for your replies and awesome ideas! Will try a folder in a folder and see how that goes.

Happy Holidays!

Could as well be done with the project logical editor:

  1. Upper field:
    Container Type | is | Track

  2. Lower field:
    Track operation | record | disable

  3. Function: Transform

  4. Save and create a shortcut

(note that labelings may differ as i’m translating into English)

dsb_wizzard - yep, that’s what I use, works a treat. Invaluable for making sure there’s no tracks left armed lurking around.

However, I’d request of Steinberg that they flash the record button when something’s armed then we’d know for sure!

Typo (obvious):
Container Type | is | Track
should be:
Container Type is | equal | Track