shortcut unremovable?

i would like to use ‘B’ as a shortcut for global bypass (was used to it in all previous wavelab versions…). but ‘B’ is already assigned to ‘Pitchbend’.
when i remove pitchbend’s ‘B’, it’s just for the actual wavelab session. after closing and restarting wavelab the ‘Pitchbend’ shortcut is back again.
how can i remove the ‘Pitchbend’ shortcut permanent?

No problem here. It seems your preferences are not saved.
Can you verify this fine is updated after changing the shortcut? (look at the time stamp).
C:\Users[YourName]\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab 8\Preferences\KeyShortcuts.dat

time stamp of this file is some months ago. so my changes haven’t been saved there, i guess.
might be cause i changed my settings folder to d:\programme\steinberg\wavelab\einstellungen.
there, in a subfolder (preferences) is another KeyShortcuts.dat with new time stamp.
maybe i should copy it to c:\users… and overwrite the there existing one?

No, if you have a custom preference path, this is the only one used for key shortcuts.
Did you try several times?
Can you try another time and see if the time stamp changes?

yes, i tried several times. everytime a new time stamp.
tried this starting wavelab explicitly under admin rights…doesn’t matter

When you say the shortcut is lost, do you mean that ‘B’ opens again the Pitch Bend, next time WaveLab is launched?


what if i’d not only delete the key shortcut ‘B’ but assign a new one?

I see now in your list that you are using WaveLab 7.2.1 ?
If yes, probably this problem was fixed in 8.
I tested with WaveLab 8, as this is the forum for 8.

no, i’m using 8.02

well, now i tried not only delete the ‘B’ keyshortcut but reassigned strg+y to ‘Pitchbend’.
now it seems to stay permanently.
thanks for your attention PG!