How do I Programm a shortcut for inserting a double barline? The word doppelt is not found in the Shortsuct menu and also with Taktstrich ether is ni result.

Thank you!

Short of a macro, you don’t. The quickest way I know is Shift-B || Enter.

Thank you, but what is. “II” ? , big i letter? That doesn’t work here.

On a German keyboard layout, I believe it’s the vertical line on the key to the left of the Y key. After typing Shift-B, you need to hit that vertical line key twice to get || and then hit enter. (You may need to hold down the AltGr key to access the | character.)

On the German keyboard, press Alt Gr + < und you will get a |.

… at least on a Windows keyboard.

uhhh sorry and on Mac? :confused: