shortcuts and bar one assigment question

Just bought Cubase Pro 8 and have a few questions:

1- What is the shortcut for recalling marker location 1 and 2. Markers 3 and on are assign to the num pad but i can’t figure out 1 and 2

2- I want to assign bar 1 (beginning of my cue @ 10:25:24:21 of the picture). What’s the easiest way ?


  1. By default numpad 1 & 2 are assigned to the left and right locators which in general is pretty useful, although then you can’t use them to go to the first 2 markers. I just never use markers 1 & 2, and start at 3. But you can change the assignment in Key Commands in the Transport section. The easiest way to find that section is in the Key Commands “Type in Key” box type num-3 and then click select. This will take you to the right section.

  2. Don’t sync to video here so can’t give specifics. But the Project Setup dialog (shift-s) lets you set offsets for time and bars.