Shortcuts for color notes really needed (wished)

I often get arrangements from students.

  1. I suggest other solutions and write then into the score.
  2. And select them and
  3. Ctrl 8 ór bottom window and
  4. push the button for color-option at the left
  5. and push one more button for getting the colors
  6. and choose red because my solution IS better :slight_smile:
  7. and Ctrl 8 to close the lower window.

I cannot find any shortcut for coloring text or notes .
Or - even better - Wish I could right-click on a note and choose an option: color

Of course I also write some explaining text .

Thanks for the fantastic program. My composer-student writes in Finale. No problems with the XML-exchange.

Yours Arne Dich

Thanks for the feedback, Arne. I’ll make a note of this need and perhaps add a command that can apply the colour property with a chosen colour in one go, as you’d then be able to add a custom key command (by hand) to the JSON key commands file.


He can do this already, if he doesn’t mind editing the json file. Just add

to the kGlobal context, using whatever hex color and whatever shortcut he wants.


An alternative method that requires a bit of setup effort but hopefully little after that is to create a custom notehead set with red noteheads, save it as default, assign a key command for applying it to selected notes - and then use wherever needed!

If you do do that, be aware of the note in step 7 of that linked topic - editing a notehead that appears in multiple notehead sets affects its appearance in all sets, so make sure you’ve added new noteheads that only appear in your custom notehead set.


Thank you very much.

Thanks. I’ll try this…

No, sorry. The json hack is just for adding a shortcut for a specific color, although you could certainly assign different shortcuts for different colors. Leo made a good walkthrough on how to do a json edit in this thread:


Is it possible to add JSON to make a keyboard shortcut to set the alpha transparency to zero? I use this constantly to make blank noteheads, and the steps to do this with the colour dialog rapidly become very tiresome. [And no, don’t start on making a blank notehead set - after a week of effort in that I totally corrupted and destroyed not only my project but Dorico as well, incredible and impossible though that sounds!!]

Yes! I use that often too so I already had it set up:


If you need some additionnal shortcut you can create your own script and it goes very fast
You can create multiple script.
I do that and it s top

I added this:

     "UI.InvokePropertyChangeValue?Type=kEventColour&Value=string: #00000000" : [ "Ctrl+Alt+H" ]

with the file needing to be edited as Administrator. But it does not work - the key command has no effect at all. Why would that be?

The file is keycommands.json.

I might be wrong, but the name of your file strikes me : my keycommands files have a “_fr” after keycommands (because I use a French keyboard layout". And all my shortcuts are in my user library (which should not require admin rights, unless I am mistaken). Are you hacking the app’s file instead of the user file? That could be a problem when Dorico gets updated.

@MarcLarcher That would be right! Where are the user files?

I created a script for this that I renamed to always keep it and there is no problem.
After there is the keyboard shortcut to execute the last script

Aha! In %APPADATA% under the Steinberg dir. There’s the keycommands_en.json file, with just a few commands I set in the app. All good!

I’m interested to know how you did it for my videos.
If you can show me the procedure or explain how to do it.