Shortcuts for File Browser

I just had the idea to create a keyboard shortcut to browse through the folders in the file browser window but I can’t seem to find the setting to do that in the customize key commands window.

Am I missing it or is this something that would be needed to added in an update?

What should do the shortcut exactly?

I find myself wanting a keyboard shortcut for the back, forward and parent directory functions.

Also, I still have this issue where the short cut that I made to move an audio track up (or the down one) doesn’t work until I do the fuction manually first. Everything is selected properly but I can’t use my “move track up” shortcut until I do it once using the menu, then I can move it up and down very quickly with the shortcut I made which is shift and up arrow combined.

yes, the track is selected and darkened when the shortcut will not work. once the shortcut starts to work, it works for all tracks in the session. when I open or make a new session, the shortcut stops working again until I do it manually on with the menu again.

seems to be a definitely bug.

For the Parent directory, you can use the Back key.
Yes, it would be good to have other shortcut. We’ll see.

Thanks, by “back key” do you mean the Left arrow?

Also, let me know about the other bug regarding the track up and down shortcut not working properly. I’m not sure if it’s true for all shortcuts or just that specific one.


For the track shortcut, I will have to experiment.

It wasn’t a problem at all In WL-6…


Thanks, but it appears that the standard Apple/Mac keyboard doens’t have that button or an equivilant that I can find.

Mac keyboard:

Thanks, but it seems that the US Mac keyboard is different than the Europe keyboard. I don’t seem to have anything that looks like the back button.

I can’t imagine you don’t have a Backspace key… the key to erase text backwards in a word processor.

On the Americam Mac keyboard that key is labelled ‘Delete’ and it is right under the eject disc key at the top right.
This key deletes to the left (backwards). The other delete key, deletes to the right (forward)

Thanks, it does work.