Shortcuts for master section presets problem!

this function is not working for me! I always used it in WL 8.5, but version 9 ignores any shortcuts in master section presets.

I have noticed that unless the master section is focused, that at least some shortcuts do not work.

Can you see if any shortcuts work when the master section is focused, or the last touched window/box?

in any case

Are you using version 9.0.20?


Which shortcut, for instance, is not working?

Alt+V, Ctrl+Alt+V, Alt+Sift+V, 4, Alt+5 and many others

These are not factory shortcuts. Hence my question should rather be: what functions are not triggered by shortcuts?

Recalling my presets in master section.

I see. You’re right. Will be fixed in 9.0.25.

Thank You very much

Also, regarding the dithering slots, while you can create a key command to focus them (thanks for bringing that back), no other custom key commands work. For example:

Show/hide plug-in (visibility)
Show Plug in (drop-down) menu

Even some crashes (Crash reports sent)

This should be solved in 9.0.25