Shortcuts for moving midi notes?

Is there a short cut for moving the midi notes up/down octaves ?


If you’re in the midi editor: shift + arrow key up/down

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Man, I wish I’d known that trick earlier.


So many years after I should have known this. Thanks.


Dont feel too bad guys, 15 years later for me… SMH

Arrow or Shift-Arrow keys do not work anymore after C8.05 update :frowning:

Working fine after update here.

I had two keys setup on a midi controller, one moved up and octave and one down an octave.

Used the logical editor key command shortcuts.

Broken, or at least intermittently/occasionally broken in Cubase 10 for me. Broken when it matters, and that is what matters.

Nobody can help you make it unbroken if you don’t describe the symptoms and offer other clues. :wink:

To be clear, I have found, on occasion, the midi note nudging mechanism (described in this thread) to fail to function in Cubase 10. A frustrating bug as the next track above/below in the timeline view will be selected instead of the midi note moving, and with highlighted midi notes shown in dark on a dark background, very thin events, can take many tries to grab it and move with mouse.
Shift + arrow up/down stopped transposing an octave. Ctrl + arrow up/down stopped transposing a semitone.

Is this in the Lower Zone Key Editor, the stand alone Key Editor, the In-Line Editor, or some combination of the three?

I spend a fair portion of my time editing MIDI and have not run into any situation where the up/down keys aren’t behaving as expected. So I’m trying to understand the circumstances when this occurs for you.

I’ve observed the problem behaviour in the Lower Zone Key Editor, then tried the stand alone key editor and problem behaviour persisted there. Closing Cubase and reopening sees the problem go away, but it may reappear. Haven’t used the in-line/In-Place Editor before, will check that next time.

Note: these observations were in Cubase 10.0.10. I’ll get back with report on 10.0.15 once I can get it working (freezes when scrolling tracks!).

Following up, I have not seen the problem I explained above in 10.0.15.

I just got the same problem.
After restarting Cubase, the problem disappeared.
10.5.30 build 365, but I remember this happened a couple of times in earlier versions

Is there any shortcut to move notes to the right or left in the Key Editor?

The Nudge Commands - think you’ll need to assign the Key Commands yourself.

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Yes…thanks a lot! I see they are already assigned to Ctrl+Left/ Right. Works like a charm! Can’t believe how I was working for years without that :pray: :slightly_smiling_face: