Shortcuts for non-linear fade out in WL 11


I’d love to use one of the non-linear fade out settings as a standard when editing files, using a shortcut.

So far, I’ve only seen the option of Shift+F for the linear fade-out. Is there a way I can assign one of the non-linear slopes?

Also, is it possible to change the shortcut? I’ve seen something like that in the options menu, but didn’t really understand how it can be done.

Furthermore, I loved the old Ctrl+F shortcut where WL would decide wether it creates a fade-in or fade-out, depening on the position of the file - I assume that’s not possiible to do anymore? Meaning, I got to decide whether I want a fade-in or fade-out?

Thanks so much!


The default shortcut is Alt + I for Fade-in and Alt + O for fade-out. This can be changed in the preferences.
The shortcut is used for the currently selected fade. For example, Alt + I will perform a log fade-in in the following picture.


Not sure if it is the same function you mean, but you can press [Ctrl] + [D] to do a quick fade-in or fade-out, if you have an active selection at the start or the end of a file (the very first or very last sample must be selected for this to work). This fade uses the same selected shape as described by PG1.

Thanks a lot,will check it all out later tonight!