Shortcuts from Setup Mode to different subsections of Engrave Mode does not work

Hello everybody,

I have set shortcuts for the different editing modes of Engraving mode so I can access them directly. However, they do not seem to work from setup mode. Is this a known limitation or is it just me?

I am using double key shortcuts – if that might have any bearing on this –

e g (graphic)
e n (note spacing)
e f (frame)
e s (staff spacing)

for the four editing modes.

What is wrong with the default ones? Alt-cmd-3/4/5/6?

I’m not at my desk but I’m pretty sure those aren’t factory shortcuts.

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@MarcLarcher I am not sure what you mean with that. I use (on Windows) ctrl + 1/2/3/4/5 for the different modes, but I have set shortcuts to go directly to the different types of editing in Engrave Mode:

@pianoleo Indeed, they are my own. Probably you have other ones? Can you use them from Setup Mode?

I use the same ones, and I assume @MarcLarcher thought they were default because they so neatly fit the Dorico Shortcut scheme. But I also think they are not default, as I remember adding them myself…

As for your question:
No, I also cannot access them with these shortcuts from Setup-Mode.


These commands are currently disabled in Setup and Print modes, but we could relax that restriction. I have made a note of it.


Sorry about that. I use them for so long I don’t remember I had to create them…

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