Shortcuts in Spanish

Is there any document where we can see the shortcuts in the Spanish version?

Almost none are the same than in English.
This is annoying, I spend more time looking for the shortcut than writing music.

In the Preferences menu is also difficult to find the equivalent, because of the mediocre translation.

I would prefer to work with the program in English and change my keyboard to English.

You can choose Help > Key Commands to see a table of all of the shortcuts.

Well, Xinver,
I understand perfectly, since I am french and spanish… and I use Dorico in english :wink:
Hopefully, in due time, there will be a much better localization !

Well this is confusing, in that menu there is no Spanish:

Well, more or less I’m getting by with shortcuts in Spanish. There are some tutorials with the basics.
I’m impressed with many things I can do with Dorico that are a nightmare with Finale (which I’ve been using for years).
I know Dorico needs to evolve and improve, but I think I’ll go for it…
There are some issues I don’t know exactly how to do, but I’m sure in this forum I’ll find some answers.

Ah yes, Xinver, I’m sorry that the Help > Key Commands menu doesn’t yet include all nine languages that Dorico is translated into. I will nudge the relevant person in the team to see if we can move this up the priority list.

Will be available Spanish key commands in the next update? I mean, the shortcuts document

I’m not sure, Alroli. I will ask Ben, whose responsibility this area is, whether he thinks he will be able to get this done before the next update.

+1 to this request!