Shortcuts - Problems

Hey everybody,

just installed Nuendo 10 and somehow the shortcuts which I added for several functions do not work. Is there something additional beside the normal shortcuts adding on the keyboard I have to do ?

Thanks for your help in forward


This happened to me when I forgot to switch my keyboard language to English)

Where do you change that and did this appear to all shortcuts - because the default shortcuts work - only new defined shortcuts dont work.

I mean keyboard layout, second language. I did my new shortcuts in english layout, then while working I accidentally changed keyboard layout to second language (my first language) and faced to nonworking shortcuts. I spended some time to get what’s wrong) But if you have only english layout - it’s certainly not your case. Hope it helps.

If you use OSX, OSX steals a huge number of default keycommands. So you with her have to reassign or them in Nuendo or change/ disable in The OS preferences.