Shortcuts stop working

There is a strange behavior of WaveLab Pro 10 (the same thing was with V9) when the keyboard layout is switched to another language (in my case to Russian) all the shortcuts stop working except for the backspace (i.e. play/stop). Not sure if it is an issue or it should be like that but it bothers and it’s pretty annoying.
Is it just me or anyone having the same problem?
Thank you!

Is the keyboard layout changed before or after launching WaveLab? I don’t think changing the keyboard layout during the course of the program, is supported.

Hi! Actually, neither. If I launch WL and my layout is Russian none of the shortcuts work. If I switch to U.S.or ABC or something that deals with English (even when WL is already launched) shortcuts are fine. That’s strange because I don’t have such issues with Cubase.

And if you create custom shortcuts, does it work?

No. But if I create shortcuts in Russian layout - it works. But again, when the layout is U.S. shortcuts are off.