Shortening bars before a system break

Probably simple thing here, with a manual System Break I’m getting looooooong previous bars as they stretch all the way to the RHS of the page. Did a bunch of searching but am not hitting the right keywords and have tried a lot of approaches, how do I have it just chop the line off when it runs out of bars, and leave whitespace until the right hand margin?

The reason Dorico doesn’t do that automatically is because it’s not correct engraving. If I’m understanding what you’re asking for, it would look… very odd. Mid-flow systems should extend to the right margin.

But if you must, switch to Engrave mode (if you have Pro), and using the Note Spacing tool, grab the last handle and Ctrl-Alt-Left arrow as desired.

Thanks for explaining. Coming from playing and writing on paper I never really thought about engraving and how the music looks and conventions.

It’s just a personal exercise. But the note spacing just changes the size of the last bar, and leave a lot of blank stave at the end.

Well re-thinking this, how about fitting everything into one line? Changing the Layout Settings quarter note spacing doesn’t work either.

I would put bars 5 & 6 in the same system with 7 & 8. Then you’d have 4 bars in each of the first 2 systems. How’s about that?

Oh that works and looks good, thanks!