Shortening grace notes in playback?

Is there a way to shorten the length of a grace note in playback?

I have a run of 8th notes where a few of them have a slashed 8th note grace note in front of them - these grace notes playback as if they are normal 16ths, it feels too intrusive.

Changing the grace notes to 16ths or even 32nds doesn’t make any difference.

There are some options for grace note durations on the Timing page of Playback Options, and you can also adjust their position and duration in the piano roll in the Key Editor, if you switch it to use played durations rather than written ones.

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Thanks for this - I can’t find or open the Playback Options (Ctrl-Shift P?) so I’m assuming it’s not available in Elements? Can tweak notes in piano roll if necessary though.

Yes, Playback Options is only available in Dorico Pro.