Shortkey for the Tuplet button? [solved]

Hello, I am trying to reduce my use of the mouse, so I have a question:
is there a way to substitute the mouse click onto the Tuplet button (for just creating basic Triplets)?
So far I can only find
; (Create Tuplet) and
Ö (End Tuplet Input)

This is on a German keyboard layout, so Ö is the equivalent to Shift-; on an international.keyboard

Ö for End Tuplet Input (or Shift-; on an international keyboard) would be releasing the Tuplet button - so that is fine
but where can I set a shortkey for invoking that button?
The ; is not what seems to be the equivalent, as it requires additional keypresses - and I just want to input basic triplets.

Under Preferences/KeyCommands/Note Input, you can set invoking the tuplet popover to another key although, being a single key without modifiers, you have to be careful what you assign it to. A key combination might be safer. Perhaps you already know this but once you’ve invoked the tuplet popover, you can create a triplet in the selected note value by only typing a 3, i.e. typing 3:2 isn’t necessary. I don’t believe Dorico always did this and one of the first things I did after buying Dorico was to make a number of macros in an external program for different tuplets so that pressing single key combinations would create most of the standard tuplets I’d be needing.

Hello k_b,
on the German keyboard Ö starts the tuplet input (= opens the tuplet popover) and Shift + Ö stops the tuplet input by default.

HeiPet, thank you for your reply,

on my German keyboard layout nothing happens if I press the Ö key (if I am in tuplet input mode I can only end it by typing Ö).
Instead I have to type the key combination for ; (Shift-,) to get the tuplet popover.
So at the moment, whilst inputting music my procedure for inputting basic triplets is:
I choose the note value first (f.e. 5), then press Shift-; then press 3 then press Enter.
This is three key combinations/strokes before I can input basic triplets.
I actually would like to avoid the Tuplet popover… = reduce this to one keystroke/combination.

Strange, I have a Stream Deck with Notation Express running on Dorico 3.5., but I thought, that there were no changes regarding Tuplets. I also have a Dorico Quickstart Guide, which someone translated into German, which also states Ö and Shift + Ö for tuplets.
It would be great, if there would be a list of the default shortcuts somewhere in the help section for each language (keyboard layout). I don’t want to reset all my shortcuts to find out …

Can one in the Dorico preferences set up a direct key command for creating basic triplets without involving the tuplet popover?
(It would be a key command replicating the mouse click onto the tuplet button)

From within Dorico’s preferences, no, you can’t. If you’re prepared to do some editing on your keycommands JSON, then it’s entirely possible to hook up a shortcut specifically for simple (3:2) triplets. See this thread, for instance.

Even with the JSON hack, it’s still another step to turn tuplet entry off. I would love a simple triplet shortcut to input just a single triplet. One that would start a tuplet, define it to be 3:2, and automatically stop tuplet entry after one triplet is created. One keycommand to tell Dorico I want to input a single triplet like Finale’s Ctrl-3 would be great!

Thank you pianoleo.
Hmm, instead of letting us reach out to the json file for hacking it, I would like Dorico to offer a key command for starting a basic triplet (wishlist).

Perhaps being able to create a triplet by just typing ‘3’ is a JSON hack I’d forgotten I’d made. I agree that being able to enter a single tuplet would often be handy. Finale had an easy way of doing this using Speedy Entry: with Caps Lock tuplet entry would stick, without it, tuplet entry would stop automatically after the first tuplet. In addition, even with Caps Lock on, changing a note value would also turn off tuplet entry. This latter would be handy in Dorico: when entering tuplets, if I choose a different note value, it usually means that I need to turn off tuplet entry. Perhaps this could be an option. Even if continuing with the same type of note, e.g. triplet eighths going to straight eighths, pressing the ‘5’ key could turn off tuplet entry.

That would make entering e.g. quarter eighth quarter eighth quarter eighth rhythms (under tuplets) laborious, would it not?

I know, I thought of that. You’re right, entering a series of tuplets like that in Finale was indeed laborious. Perhaps there could be an option to create a single tuplet as opposed to a string of them. It is a wish that has come up often on this forum.

Vaughan, my wish is not for just a single triplet.
Instead a key command activating the Tuplet button to the left:

I don’t mind using an exit key command once its done. Just getting to basic triplets seems unnecessarily complicated - if one does not want to use the mouse.
Tuplets button.png

Seconded that tuplet activation needs some work; the button doesn’t show a keyboard shortcut by default even in Default layout and that’s a tad weird.

Success, I finally managed it - by editing my keycommands_de.json file.

a) As I am using a German keyboard layout I assigned [Shift-Ö] for activating basic triplets.
b) To end Tuplet input I use just the [Ö] key command.
c) If I want to get to the Tuplet popover I use the key command [Shift-,]

b) and c) can be configured in Doricos preferences.
a) can be configured only by editing the keycommands_de.json file.
I added these lines:

"NoteInput.StartTupletRun?Definition=3:2" : [ "Shift+Ö" ]