Should be a subscription model

Since this product is in its infancy it would have been best if Steinberg offered a subscription model. Perhaps a discounted first year offer. Too many key features are missing, I would guess many will not be able to use it for paid production work. A subscription would allow for continuous revenue while development is underway. Since there is no track record on delivery pace it would allow the Users to decide whether they wanted to continue to fund the effort.

The product looks like it has great potential, the folks behind it seem very spirited, but this was perhaps released way too early.

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I see the point, but I still dare say: Oh no, never a subscription model for any reason. :wink:

Just look at the uproar over subscription on the Sibelius forum. Hard pressed to find anyone happy.

Anyone who has experienced the move to subscriptions at Adobe can attest to to all of the pitfalls with such a decision.