Should Have a Lemon Law on CP 8.05

Coming up on 2 Months and I still can’t use my Controller Board…

Can I get my Money back Until you fix your problem?

Aloha m,

Can I get my Money back?

Don’t think so.

I had to wait almost as long for my ‘Controller Board’ to
be updated to work with C8P.

If C7.5 worked fine with your controller board,
one approach would be to get in touch with the makers of that board
and ask them why there is no update for this current version of Cubase.

Good Luck!

Yeah, I’ve learned my lesson the hard way in the past. The bottom line is this… You must not be hasty in upgrading software! I repeat, DO NOT upgrade OS or DAW until you are 100% clear that all relevant drivers are updated.

This one time I upgraded to Cubase 5, when my Tascam interface worked perfectly with 4… All of a sudden, cubase and my Tascam were just expensive paperweights. I had to downgrade back to 4, and then wait for Tascam to get their new drivers out.

Most likely, you need to contact the company who makes your Controller Board, and talk to them about it.

Unless he’s talking about a Mackie Protocol based Mix “controller board” - in which case there are no drivers.

It’s a MIDI protocol that hasn’t changed in ages.

The issues in 8 with this are purely Steinberg’s.


Same boat here but with the VEP dropouts. Its really frustrating.

You are absolutely right Hugh… :smiley:

Aloha m,

As a real ‘MIDIot’ from the early 90’s I am not sure that statement is true;
tho’ I may be wrong on this.

I will check my original MIDI spec charts to see what I can uncover.

Reason being:
I am not sure the original spec had anything to do with ‘hardware’ at all.
It was more along the lines of how hardware ‘should act’ when presented with MIDI events.

‘should act’ being the important words.

Seems it is time to unravel yet another:

I’m experiencing a controller-realted issue too that was confirmed by Steinberg to be caused by version 8. This seems to be related to version 8’s integration with the Nuage and how I/O channels are accessible.

Of Course.

The original MIDI spec from 1983 was ONLY for keyboards.

MIDI is now used to control everything from Stage Lighting to Animation software.

Each Mackie Protocol device requires a separate MIDI input as there are no System Exclusive Identifiers to indicate the purpose of the Data.
If you actually look at the Data steam you will see note on/offs and lots of continuous Controller Data.
A side note: MCU also uses two controller streams for all continuous data - giving it . . what is it . . 1K some odd values (instead of 127).

Mackie (now LOUD Technologies) developed the protocol - I’m pretty sure that MIDI Manufacturers Association has nothing to do with it (I could be wrong) other than to acknowledge it exists.
I believe Hardware Manufacturers pay LOUD Technologies to use the protocol in their products.
And there are many: Neve, SSL, Tascam, Behringer, Qcon, (forgetting a million) . . . just about everybody because Avid wont let others use EUCON in their hardware.

My point is: MCU protocol is not a driver - it’s a MIDI Language that is standardized and has not changed - at least not in the last several years if ever.