Should I be able to update Cubase 10 to 10.5?

I have purchased Cubase 10 around a half a year ago (when Cubase had their recent anniversary with the nice tempting prices) through my local distributor.
I have installed the Cubase 10.5 update and tried using my old license code to activate it, and it failed: “Activation already in use”.
I pasted my Soft-eLicenser key here:
with the output of: “Currently there is no grace period update available for the eLicenser with the number XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX”, which I find it weird (?) - I did see people on the forum trying to update 9.5 to 10.5 + I noticed that some Cubase users got a new license to their emails (for Cubase 10.5).

Am I doing something wrong?

you must pay to upgrade, you will get a new serial. the grace period was 16 of October to upgrade for free

Do I pay a full price? Can I do it online without going to the distributors store?

You just need to pay the update price, not the full version price.

Yes, you can buy it online, just use the Shop link at the top of this site.
Or use this link, select the Update tab and then the correct update option.

Yey! Thanks a lot!