Should I buy the CC121?

As a long time Cubase user (8+ years) I just recently upgraded my setup by adding a UR28M interface. I’m very pleased with the results that I have gotten thus far. Which brings me to my dilema - I would like to purchase a CC121 to help my workflow out, but after reading these forums I’m left with plenty of doubt about the controller. I see that it hasn’t been updated in a long time (A YEAR?) and has issues with it own native functions (such as the eq knobs speed problem).

Do you think I should pick one up now, or just wait it out till another version (if there ever will be one) comes out?

Any input is appreciated, good or bad. Thanks!

I love my 121, but at this point, I’d wait a few weeks and see how the update works w C7. Also it is an older generation as the newest are the cmc series.

Thanks, that wouldn’t be much of an issue for me as I’m still running the AI 6 version. I didn’t go to the 7 yet because I don’t run a full production studio/just a home one. Is everything working with my older version?

Yeah I should have clarified that I was running the AI 6 at the moment. I want to make sure it’s running flawlessly with that beforehand. I really dig the older generation then because I’m just not into the CMC stuff, like the digital faders just wouldn’t feel right IMO.

I just saw the other post with the same topic, oops. Sorry I didn’t mean to re-post the same issue and I will continue to do some research on the unit.

I love my workflow with the 121.

There are two buttons missing from cmc. A shift-key and IO-learn. Otherwise the hw is OK. The software could be a magnitude better. But my guess is that it a clash with Yamaha. They own steinberg and manufacture and design the hw in japan but software are still in Germany and they have their own way and agenda.

I’m on the fence as well - considering the CC121 but also the new Nektar Panorama P1.

Question: how do you control the input gain on the 121? IMHO, that looks like a critical omission on the 121’s layout.

It’s not as elegant as a dedicated control but you can assign the value dial to control the input gain.

The drawback is that you only have one freely assignable dial. So you have to make a decision what t use it for (I’m controlling the click-volume and on/off state).

Not sure if you’ve too the leap or not but stumbled accross this and thought I’d give my opinion. I love my CC121. I use it with the full C7 and have had no problems with it, works as good as it did in 6. I even get some basic function in Wavelab 7 now (soon to be 8 :slight_smile: ) On a few occasions I’ve opened cubase and forgot to switch it on and I felt as though I had an arm missing. My workflow was much slower and I would actually shut it down and open again to get the 121 back. I highly recommend it. I’m sure you can set the dial to work with anything the mouse is over, I just use if for Jog
I set up the function buttons 1 - 4 as Punch in, Punch out, set L set R and I love it.
Buy it if you havn’t already, you won’t regret it