Should I dither a montage (CD burning)

As a new Wavelab 8 Mac user, it appears that after I burn a CD, the montage somehow seems to render all the FX on individual clips/tracks. To burn additional CDs, it looks like I only need to load the montage and select the Write Audio CD or DDP options.

Should I “Bypass the Master Section” which is set up to MBit + dither or does this get does when I created the CD.

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No, this is not the case. Everything will be applied to the CD being burnt (unless specifically excluded) but it takes deliberate steps to have the wavs behind the clips actually changed. Wavelab never does anything behind your back, or ‘automagically’.

Yes, burning a second CD is the exact same process as burning the first CD. I don’t get the second question; why would you bypass dithering?

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Thanks for the quick reply. I guess I should have been more specific about what I am doing.

I used Wavelab 8 to master ten tracks using the montage feature with FX on the individual clips. When I burned the initial series of CDs using the Write Audio CD or DDP option, the Master Section had the MBit + dither enabled. I could see the individual clips as I burned the CDs. Although I may have, I do not recall rendering the files when I saved the montage file.

A couple of weeks later, I opened the montage file to burn more CDs and the clip files with the corresponding FX were not showing, although the Master Section still showed the MBit + dither enabled. The montage looks and sounds like the master version of the CD which suggests that the FX and other adjustments have been rendered to a stereo file.

The specific concern is: I’m not sure if the dither (or any thing else on the Master Section) is part of this rendered file.

If I burn more CDs at this point, should the Master Section with the dither be enabled or bypassed? Or will this result in a “double dither?”