Should I get an eye check?

All so far Cubase 13 on an i7 and a Nvidia 1050 graphic card on windows 11.
The thing is that so far i have found that the graphics are great except the mix console faders.
They seem to be out of focus a little and i have tried changing the colour to soften .
If you look closely the faders are like looking at a 3D film without the glasses on.
They are a little doubled.
Is this something to be updated??

All the best


Here is a photo the best i can get,.
As you can see there is a slight doubling of the faders.
Not great for the eyes.

I also notice that the track names have got this slight fuzz.
Cubase 12 is perfect


People should include graphics info when talking about graphics problems. Hi dpi settings, for example.

Make the faders white, that seems to get rid of the shadow effect (some refer to as double image) somewhat.

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It is not a shadow effect it is a slight bluring that is annoying on the eye which is not in Cubase 12.
You just know when it is wrong

I had to fiddle for a long time in preferences to get the blue faders to look decent in preferences, but the red inputs and outputs are blurry.
I also have Mixcraft and all faders and everything is clear and sharp.
On main screen the track writings are not 100% clear and sharp. There is always that slight blurr on things.
There is somthing definitely`out of focus with the Cubase 13 colouring with this release.
Why can’t default be perfect???
At the moment we have to fiddle with colours in preferences and spend a bit of wasted time trying to tune in our monitor screen.
Have pity on the older generation whom have to wear glasses.

When can someone answer this???

What you see is the slope on the fader button ends. They look like they could be better. Mine are the same on C13

There is no doubling of the fader caps, this is what they are imitating:


They are SSL Console style fader caps which are dipped in the middle and sloped at either end.

Spot on . I have one eye and they are horrendous , totally blurred on the outline , i can’t look at them , very annoying.
3d effect uses both eyes to gain focus on the object , here if you close one eye they are all blurred and i can read right down to the bottom of the opticians board , i have to have my EYE checked every six months due to loosing the other one last year to cancer but people seem to want to turn this ,which too them maybe a small thing , into a joke , it’s no joke , when you are concerned about your only eye , these caps are horrendously bad for focus

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No it doesn’t , the outline is darker than the internals of the fader which caused it to always look blurred no matter which setting unless you know of one ?

Hi Madcat
So , i am not the only one.
If a steinberg person is on this site i request that you make the faders a little more in focus.
I managed to fiddle to get the blue faders looking near perfect but the red way off.
I reckon steinberg should give us 3d glasses to get into focus.
This sort of thing makes me feel that i need a eye check up again.
It is not like this on Cubase 12. they are clear cut.
Also notice that the M S L E and Track lettering not 100%.
Everything else is great.
I have found out what the problem is-----------

I magnified the faders and each end top and bottom is a lighter shadow and i suspect it is to get that curve realism.
In fact this does not work and the shadows give the fader a blurry look and the red is very messy.

I suggest cutting those shadows off and lets have an in focus fader. Also to Steinberg designers have a look at Cubase 12 and all becomes clear even the lettering elsewhere on the tracks.
I know it sounds like a small thing but it does not do the eyes any good. My half pennies worth.

All the Best

Still out of focus .
To Highly Controversial---- Must be horrible having to only rely on one eye. You have my full sympathy and Steinberg have to realize that trying to improve on certain things it can be detrimental to others.
Please Steinberg take those shadows off .
I still have good eyesight and those faders look out of focus to me

Humans are routine and creators of habit , we get used to whatever’s being thrown at us over time ( conditioning ) so it’s not bad , just strange . But you loose all depth perception which means thinks can look a bit wonky .
I have full faith in Steinberg to come up with a game plan , that’s never wavered but a bit of noise held the matter :wink:

On the eye check side , i advice EVERYONE to have there eyes checked aged over 35 . My condition was rare , a 25mm melanoma which wipe out my sight and had to be removed within 5 days from diagnosis .
I’m not scaremongering but these are the facts the worlds best hospitals for eyes know .
If you have Scandinavian decent , blonde hair and blue eye in the family you are more prone to the rare chance of this condition , so please , don’t go through the barbaric amputation ,go to the opticians and get your eyes checked ( now that’s shock and owe ) .

Live goes on , Cubase is beautiful and i’m sure things will be sorted one day

I think they need some options so we can pick from different caps. Something in settings maybe, that would be nice.

Or they make them really hi-def almost like photos.

The amount of stuff required for visual impairment would require a complete new section in the Preference menu BUT simply reducing the outline to match the fader would cure this AFAIK

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lets compare some mixers UI Design

universal audio luna

studio one 6.5

Eastwest opus hollywood


logic pro

waves soungrid studio

cubase 13 !

I believe that the hiring manager at Steinberg should place an ad on LinkedIn to search for UI/UX Designer employees.

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I am sure Steinberg will correct this but it is there for all to see!!

Logic pro looks a lot better from the screen shots thankfully provided by Ehabmxd

All the Best
Hi Contro— I am 72 and get the eyes checked every 2 years. I am on what they call the 10 year countdown now lol!!! “Hope i can get extra time and not get sent off with a red card”!!

Perhaps I was not successful in choosing the image for Logic Pro
But I think that all the previous designs are better than cubase13
Are you sure they’ll fix that?
When will this happen? They had a year to make the design more customizable and redesign the old windows and bad quality icons. They made it worse, as if the team had no idea how to design. The design became more complex and unclear, the fonts inconsistent, and every section of the program had a different design language.
It took them a whole year. When will they fix all this next year?
They don’t seem to care.
I’m 34 years old and have no vision problems, but the design has become more difficult and inconsistent.
Looks like they really need a new UI/UX design team
What is strange is that their plugins have very consistent designs

But the whole image from the steinberg mixer is blurry?

I have NO problem what so ever with blurry faders.
I dont use a dedicated gfx card. I have a 4K monitor with 150% scaling and cubase is also in scaling mode.

I hope everything works out for you guys soon!

I agree, there is a lot of not quite right things
All lettering should be clear as crystal.
I have noticed a lot more in the main screen and mixer
The faders are the worst and others are just not quite right
I would like to say to Steinberg that something is not quite right to the normal eye with the whole thing and i do know that people will say i just cannot put my finger on it, but it is not quite right.

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