Should I install the tools, drivers or applications mentioned in the manual to use the UR22C?


I am a MacBook Pro user. I purchased the UR22-C to record with Logic Pro on this computer. The manual says that I need to install TOOLS for proper connection and to use the device with a computer. It also says that I need to install the Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver for communication between the device and the computer and if I want to use the device standalone or with a DAW other than Cubase, I need the Steinberg dspMixFx UR-C.

Macbook Pro and Logic recognised the device as soon as it was plugged in. I mean, I used this simple plug and play method and I was able to record, but do I still need to download and install the tools that Steinberg mentions in the manual? What do I gain by installing them? Do they contribute to the more efficient operation of the device in terms of hardware? If it’s just for some software features, I’m not keen to install them.

P.S. I apologise if this has already been discussed in another thread, if so, you can redirect me to that thread and I will delete this post. Thanks in advance.