Should I keep Cubase 7 installer after instration?

Hi. I bought cubase artist 6.5 at local music store last year and upgraded to cubase artist 7. I have realized that the upgrade software for cubase artist 6.5 is not downloadable at steinberg web site. I assume that the installer for cubase artist 7 will not be able to download after the next versioin of cubase is released. I think I will keep using my cubase artist 7 next couple of years so I need the upgrade installer to use cubase artist 7.

Do you keep the upgrade installer in your hdd or CDR?

I also have bought download version of halion sonic 2 and shoud I keep them too?

Hello whitekarma8,

You can always get the downloads from your online shop account, or if you send a support request form, support should be able to provide you a link to download the installers. Although I will strongly recommend you to burn the installers into a DVD and keep them as a backup just in case you wanted to format you computer on a weekend.

Best regards,

Thank you for your quick reply! I didn’t know that I can download past version of software. Anyway, I will burn the software on DVD-R as you recommended.

and also if Steinberg ever remove the .0 installers like they do and just leave the updates you can revert back to what ever version you feel like without ever having to worry