Should I start learning DAW recording on Cubase Pro 10 or 11?

I’m brand new to DAW’s. I purchased Cubase Pro 10 a few years ago for a studio that never got built. Now after selling my business, I’ve built my new studio and stepping back into the music world after being absent running an entirely different business for so many years.

My only experience is with SSL consoles, gear, etc. and writing song in MIDI based sequencing software with a vast room full of samplers & keyboards. Now I’ve finally sold all the old gear (don’t worry, I kept a few classics), and moved to purchasing a vast library of VST’s . Should I start learning on Cubase Pro 10, or would you suggest I do the upgrade to Pro 11, and start learning from there?

I think it depends whether you have the cash lying around freely or if you are on a tighter budget. If this is no issue and you don’t want to wait on the next sale, just go ahead and purchase the upgrade.
While there is obviously improvements between versions, the workflow and interface hasn’t changed much between 10 and 11, although there are really nice quality of life improvements on Pro 11. I purposely didn’t mention anything here to not have you biased towards one thing you may or may not need right now.

As you self-brand as a beginner in a DAW: Do you actually NEED the new stuff right now? You might check the comparison chart on Pro 11 on the homepage first.
As this is your first DAW, you probably will feel overwhelmed by the plethora of knobs, switches and menus first anyway. But, if you produced and mixed before in the analogue days back then, then it is just a matter of tranlasting your knowledge to the actual software.

On your place I’d just install and fire up Cubase 10 Pro once and just play around with it. You can still decide if you need the new advanced features and probably could wait for an upgrade discount sale.

I would pay for the upgrade to 11, but instead use 10.5 while 11 sorts out its new release issues. 10.5 and 11 are fairly similar.



you can purchase 11 and then download 10.5. Buying the latest version the license applies to all former versions, you could download Cubase SX3 and use it if you wanted

Thank you. I have Pro 10, but 10.5 is not available for purchase. That’s why I have to skip to 11. I keep thinking 11.5 will be out soon, but Steinberg has NOT eluded to this at all lately.

Appreciate the feedback. Yeah, as far as all the knobs, switches, etc., you’re exactly right. It’s a translation thing. I was too wondering if Cubase 11 upgrades will bring the entire experience closer to literal pro studio mixing boards? I worked on SSL boards back in the day, and used Pro-Tools on a Mac SE for mix-downs, but that was years ago.

Wow—had no idea. That’s cool. Thank you! I’m trying to ask all of you that have been using Cubase Pro for years—because I have no idea what the user experience is like between the two? Watched video’s, but that’s entirely different than actually using it day in and day out.