Should I trust Dorico with iCloud

Today I lost all the contents of my Dorico folder in iCloud. I was able to recover them fortunately, anybody had the same experience? How can that happen (only the Dorico folder was affected, so I<m confident it is a Dorico issue only that needs a fix or at least some explanation. I both use the iPad version and the desktop version, but the deletion happened while I was away (Dorico was running, but no file was loaded).

I use iCloud exclusively to sync all my files between my home and work computers. All files are stored in the cloud as their default location, and I’ve never had any issues—at least on desktop. There are some well-known issues when it comes to using iPads, but at least for desktop use, it has been rock solid for me for 3 years, without a single incident.


Agreed James - but - if you have iCloud on a PC and try to move it to a different hard drive, be very careful…

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Icloud on PC is a nightmare. I gave up on mine.

Half the time I have to log in to the web portal to access a file since it won’t sync, and then it makes you log in every other day. Mercifully, it’s very rare that I have to use my windows laptop. I loathe the thing even though the hardware is excellent.

I’ve been using iCloud on Mac for my Dorico files since my beginnings with Dorico (almost a year now), and it’s the first time I experienced such critical issue. As you say, it was rock solid until now. I’m glad the recovery feature exists on iCloud. The reason I suspect Dorico is because only the contents of the Dorico folder, and no other files, were affected by this.

From how you describe it, it looks like the files were deleted from the Dorico folder, and thus put in the Recently Deleted items folder in iCloud.
No idea how this could happen, of course, only devs can answer this.
I’m glad you could recover everything. I suggest you backup the content of that folder with a certain regularity.
I have over 100GB of docs on iCloud, but I very seldom use the apps’ iCloud folders as they are too much outside of my control. Instead, in iCloud Drive, I create folders where I store my files. Ah, and please uncheck Desktop & Documents in the Cloud, and thank me later :wink:

If I used a PC, I would never use iCloud as an app, only in the cloud, exactly as, on Mac, I’ve learned on my skin not to use OneDrive as an app! Ask DiskUtility and you won’t like the answer!



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