Should I Update now?

Hi All,
I have been using Cubase 5.5.3 since the last update.Since then Cubase 6 along with Cubase 6.5 has come out.I am in a position to upgrade now.My dilemma is that should i upgrade to the latest version of Cubase 6 now or should i wait for some more time for Cubase 7 to release? It would greatly help if someone from Steinberg would give me an accurate picture of possible releases/upate of Cubase so that I can make the correct decision…
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If you need the new features that C6.5 offers over C5 then upgrade, If not then probably best to wait till C7.

But I very much doubt you’ll get an official statement on the release date of C7, but I’ll bet it’s still a bit away yet!

Hang on till C7 like I am. I wouldn’t upgrade so late in the life cycle of Cubase 6, hopefully by the first of next year (that’s about right :slight_smile:) we should see the new version.

Hang on until Cubase 8.5.3, I’ve heard it’s Awesome! lol

If your current version does what you need it to do then I’d say do nothing. I hung onto 3.x for the longest time because it did exactly what I needed it to do. Then when I saw the features and improvements in Cubase 5.x I decided it was time to make a move. I only upgraded because of the improvements in audio engine and feature set.

Don’t get hung up on giving Steinberg all your money. Unless you absolutely NEED the new features and improvements, save your money. Do the math, does purchasing 3 or 4 minor upgrades cost more or less to “leapfrog” a version or two?

Thanks to everybody who has replied so far,really appreciate it…
Easto,i did the same thing as you,i.e. I used 3.x for quite a long time till I saw & heard 5 after which I upgraded to 5.And ideally,that’s what I would want to do…jump to a version which is a significant improvement from my current version.
Now,it would greatly help me if somebody who was using 5 & has upgraded to 6.5 or the latest version can read my posts & tell me whether it’s worthwhile for me to upgrade now or wait till 7.
Thanks again for all your help & hope to get a clearer picture of what I should do.

If you can´t decide that yourself, you maybe need a new Hobby…?

thanx for the reply but I would really appreciate that u don’t waste ur precious time by replying to my post since u can’t help in any way…all the other members who have replied have been helpful…and isn’t that what all this forum is all about…helping other people with their doubts & queries…
And music is not a hobby to me,it’s my profession…all the more reason I need to be sure of where I’m putting in my hard earned money…
Thanx again & would appreciate that u refrain from making such posts in this topic
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Only you know your priorities. Is Cubase holding you back? If not, there’s no reason to upgrade until it won’t run on your system, unless you have money to keep up with the Jones’s. :wink:

Someone who just upgraded to C 6.5 is going to be so drunk on it’s power, they will most definitely tell you it’s worth the cash. :sunglasses: :ugeek:

you may have figured this out already but the place to post this would be in the Cubase 6 forum, right?
i think we’re all here in this part (5 and 4) because we don’t have 6, so no one here will be helpful :wink:
that said, most people who have slapped down the cash for 6 will inherently defend that decision… and so they’ll say you should too. hopefully anyone who noticed any red flags or was let down, will let you know as well.

good luck! i’ll upgrade eventually but i’ll need to update my whole system first so, no rush. for now cubase achieves almost everything i need it to. : )

thanks for the suggestion,will be posting it in Cubase 6 forum…I know that i will upgrade for sure…but to what version & when is my dilemma & that’s the reason I reached out to members in the forum for help…
u said that someone who is using Cubase 6.5 will be drunk on its power! That gives me a sort of an indication that it is something to be considered.
It’s just that I have the available financial resources to update but would want to make it my money’s worth…
Thanks to everyone…


When I end up trying to prioritize, normally the hardware is what I end up needing. Monitor speakers, a mic stand, a microphone itself, contollers, instruments, and the list goes on and on.

Cubase 6.5 is definitely powerful, but if you are upgrading from C5, there probably won’t be anything new that would be mandatory for your work. If money is tight, I would strongly recommend choosing hardware over a DAW update, if you have those needs. Depends how your hardware collection looks. :wink:

Let’s not even get started bout hardware… as u said correctly,the hardware list just goes on and on and on :cry: that’s why I really prioritise my hardware requirements…the only thing i really need urgently is a decent condenser mic & mic stand which I will be getting soon…
Also,to make matters worse for me,is that I am a guitarist as well…so u can well imagine my plight… :frowning:
I had posted my query in Cubase 6 forum as well & somebody suggested I download the Cubase 6.5 trial & decide for myself…I think that will be the best thing to do & will do that soon.
Thanks again,

The jump from 5.5 to 6.5 is pretty big, in my opinion. At this point Cubase has just about everything you could ever need in one box, other than a sampler.

Plus, keep in mind that when 7 does come out, the upgrade price from 6.5 to 7 will be lower than from 5.5 to 7. Also, Steinberg sometimes offers grace-period free upgrades for people who buy their products right before new versions are released, don’t they?

If you think you can use the numerous new features 6.5 offers, get it now.

There’s also this: Brand-new releases of products are frequently buggy. I almost always wait a few months, letting other users encounter and report the bugs, and giving the developer a chance to release updates to stabilize a product. I’m not getting C7 until it’s been on the market for at least 3 months. 6.5, on the other hand, has been out long enough that it’s been proven pretty stable and usable. The only issues I ever have with it are with 32-bit plugins and the VST bridge. I haven’t messed with jbridge yet.

mizodoss, since there is no information about C7, nobody can really answer whether to wait for it.

On the other hand, is it worth upgrading to 6.5 now? Yes it is.

Thanks so much for being so blunt with your answer… :smiley: i like it!! I think what I’m going to do is download the free 30 day trial of Cubase 6.5 & try out the new features before upgrading…
I do the same thing as u i.e. I wait for a new release to become stable…it’s just that i think i’ve waited tooo long for Cubase 6 to become stable… I stongly recommend jbridge to you…
Thanks again,