Should I upgrade to Nuendo 12 - or wait for 13?

Still using Nuendo V11
But really interested in trying out ‘Creating Chord Events From Audio Events’ introduced in V12
Taking on board grace periods and forth-coming Black Friday prices - Should I upgrade to Nuendo 12 - or wait for 13?

Go quickly to 12 and don’t touch 13 until SB has corrected its GUI.

There is no way Nuendo will be part of any “Black Friday” promotions. I would guess that we are probably into the grace period for Nuendo 13, but only Steinberg truly knows for sure.

If you update from 11 now and take a chance on the grace period, you could potentially save $100 compared to updating from 11 to 13. And, a 13 license will allow you to run 12 if you don’t want to be a beta tester. This would be my suggestion. You might want to make a quick decision, though. There is a chance Nuendo 13 could be released as soon as tomorrow. Also, if you purchase now and simply wait to activate until 13 is released, you will get the grace period update without a doubt.

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Thanks for your input - currently trialing V12 just to see how it’s advanced since V11 :+1:

I agree. One annoncement will be made this evening. They certainly won’t annonce a release in a long time because evrybody will wait to upgrade or buy a new license and Steinberg will not sell anything related to Nuendo until the release date.

I remember the support told several products were ready in the waiting list for realease because of Asknet failure. For the moment, the last and only one product to have been released is Cubase 13 2 weeks ago. Nuendo is probably the next one, maybe tomorrow.