Should multi bar rest splits also apply to multi bar consolidated bar repeats?

Hello all,

Should the multi bar rest split feature apply to consolidate bar repeats? I have a score with the following:-

But in the drum part the bar repeats are still consolidated across this split:

Screenshot 2023-04-27 at 08.11.24

I can obviously go in and amend the bar repeat regions, but I was expecting the split here to apply.



I’m not entirely sure what you are aiming for. The SPLIT signpost doesn’t seem to be in the same measure in the part as it is in the score.

The split is only set on the score and applies to parts as far as I understand it; here it’s set at the start of bar 5. So in my drum part I would want a single bar repeat then a consolidated 6 bar repeat on the next line. Because it’s consolidating through the split, I can’t split in the part for a system break to ensure everything is in sensible four or eight bar systems.

Try placing the caret at the start of the measure where you want to split the repeat region and then press U to split the region.

OK, so I was a bit confused with this as the Split Multi Bar Rests only appears in engrave mode where you can’t have a carat; but your suggestion achieves what I need. Thanks!