Should this be a multi-bar rest?

I encountered this situation in the vibraphone where there are several bars of silence except for the resonance of the pedal. It would be reasonable to me this to be a multi-bar rest, however, I’m not sure, I cannot find in Gould the this specific case, and it’s not doable in Dorico with standard pedal lines. If a multi-bar in this situation would seem logical, could I request to add support for it somehow? Like giving the option as an Engrave or local rule to ignore continuation lines as breaking multi-bar rests.

The most common solution (as far as my universe goes) is to have bar rests in parentheses and a continuation line on the Ped sign. No multi-bar rests.

" there are several bars of silence except for the resonance of the pedal" suggests to me that there can’t be rests then. Why not just tie a series of notes to make one sustained note until the next (different) note? Then you would get the pedal continuation line. The same technique would apply to piano and other keyboard instruments. Just my 2 cents… :slight_smile:

I respectfully disagree, as I don’t think that’s necessarily the case. On the piano, tied notes would suggest that the keys should be depressed (even if that doesn’t make any difference with the pedal down). On the vibraphone that’s not possible, but tying the notes would suggest that they should be stopped at the point where the the tie ends, whereas what I mean is that the note resonance should die naturally. For instance, a tied note of, say, 50 measures, makes no sense to me. You just have to articulate it once, and let it die whenever that happens. IMHO tied notes only add clutter and confusion.

That sounds like what l.v. is for.

l.v. works, and so does the l. v. ties, which for most cases are equivalent. I marked the pedal make sure it’s depressed throughout the section and to mark the point where it should be raised. Anyway, it seems logical to me that some playing techniques’ continuation lines shouldn’t break a multirest, and just break it at the end. This could be one of the cases.

Perhaps extending the Pedal in Play Mode CC64 and using a text mark to end the Pedal notation (which would break a MM Rest) would be the best solution.