Should we re-install the Cubase...?

  1. Should we re-install the Cubase6 to adjust the Cubase 6.4 , which was on the announcement ??

  2. I saved a project file, which was saved with the plugins-Addictive drums, Trilogy, GTR, Virtual Piano…
    but since i closed the project files,… i can’t open ar all… i even tried 3days to reopen it… but i couldn’t
    does anyone know the solution to reopen it??
    P.S-My computer spec’s are really awesome, so it’s not a problem with phisical spec.
    I’m using Window7-64bit, Cubase6.0-64bit, JBridge system.

  3. How can I contact with technical-team of Steinberg?
    Whenever I face some probelm(mostly about the compatability of window7 and cubase6), i just closed the alert and re-try it, i hadn’t tried to send an email to technical-team of steinberg,…
    But now I think I should, this is the benefit of Original-Cubase, not crack version… :slight_smile:
    so if anyone knows the email address of technical team…

please let me know…

At the top of the forum you will see a row of links … MySteinberg|FAQ|Members|Logout

Click MySteinberg. On the left of the MySteinberg page in about the 3rd set of boxes on the left is a “Support Form”

Aloha b,

Also keep in mind that your prob may not be just a
Cubase problem.

It could also be a

Addictive drums, Trilogy, GTR, Virtual Piano…

prob as well.

To cover all basses. (pun)
you might consider also getting in touch with those support staffs.


It’s most likely a plug-in causing the project not to open.

You can try removing all 3rd party plug-ins (at least the ones you know are in the project) and see if it opens.

Then put them back one by one until you find the culprit.

Before you do that, trashing the Cubase preferences may work.