Shouldn't I be able to see more plugins in the Channel Strip...?

Hi - I noticed that the only channel strip plugin that appear in my mixer view is tape saturation, regardless of whether I have other plugins active.


Am I doing something wrong here or is there a bug afoot?

Which version of Cubase are you using?

I would try a complete mix console reset.

Latest version, 12.04. So it shouldn’t like this?

How do I do a “complete mix console reset?”

Go to the 11th tab from the left, titled Window.
click on Windows

That brings up a Windows box. Highlight the mix console. Try Reset Layout. Then open the mix console again.

Isn’t there a setting for either showing only used inserts (as few as possible) or all?

It looks bugged, there’s more vertical space than needed for showing all modules, if only they were displayed.

Hmm, the window reset didn’t do it, but right clicking and de-selecting “Show one channel strip type” seemed to reset the layout. Don’t have time to look up that function at the moment, but would be curious if this is expected behavior.