Show 3 16th note rests

I’m trying to force a single 1/4 bar to show a 1/16th note + (3) 1/16th note rests. It’s percussion… I was trying to follow suggestions here… and tried adding the ‘trick’ of switching to one-line representation. I was able to get the (3) 16ths to show up there, but when switching back to the 5-line staff, the percussion is “condensed” and the 16ths go away again.

Try this: click on the first 16th rest and type O for Force Duration; then type R to repeat the forced 16th rest. That worked for me in the 5-line staff, I hope that’s what you’re looking for.

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I ran into a situation needing this again. What I find a bit odd about this is that the Tool for ‘force duration’ isn’t clickable (left zone)… so I had to come back here to remind myself how this was done via the keyboard shortcut.

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I was just made aware of the fact that the Force Duration button isn’t enabled when an implicit rest is selected a week or so ago, and it’s wrong, of course: it should be possible to click that button with a rest selected. We’ll fix this in the next update, whenever it may be.


Thx as always, @dspreadbury on your eagle eye on these matters!