Show additional Player in One Flow?

I have 2 Violins in a document, and in one Flow, I want each of the Parts to show both the violins. What’s the best way to do this?

If I add the other Violin to the entire Part Layout, then I’ll get an extra line of notes in other Flows where I don’t want it.

I could just add a staff (as they’re Solo Players), but I wouldn’t get any labelling. If I wanted to use Divisi, I’d have to convert them to Section Players and create entirely new parts.

Both these methods gives me “Double Divisi Action” in the Score, as each Violin would be showing both sets of staves, though that’s an acceptable issue for the time being.

Anything I’m overlooking?

  1. Set the Violin 1 part to hide empty staves.
  2. Create a new player that only appears in the Violin 1 part. Call it (or rather its instrument) whatever you like, utilising the workaround that shall henceforth be known as the “extra space in instrument name” workaround if need be.
  3. In Galley view, cue Violin 2 into Violin 1’s spare player.
  4. Change the layout name for Violin 1 so that it just says Violin 1.

Rinse and repeat for Violin 2.

Ah: In fact, I don’t need to hide the staves: I just add that Player only in the required Flow.

However, how do I make the Cues less like cues? (Changing Stem direction; remove rests?) I’m using real cues elsewhere.

There’s a fair amount you can do with cues from the properties panel, including scaling them back up to normal size, but if it’s too much of a faff just use old-skool copy and paste. The downside to that option is you’ll need to ensure that if the music changes in future you change it in both places.