Show bar numbers on specific Flows


I’m writing a project for piano solo, and I would the like the bar numbers to appear on specific Flows only. So, some showing normal bar numbers, some showing nothing (some flows are more traditional spans on music, some are more modern ones). I am maybe getting something wrong, but the Bar Number dialog for this is within the Layout Options (so affecting all flows), instead of Notation Options, which can only affect certain flows, and that would be practical for what I’m looking for. So how can I preset it efficiently?

Kind of a new Dorico user here, I apologize if the solution is obvious!

Have a nice day

Hi SébastienL,
You can toggle “Hide bar number” property in Write mode and Engrave mode. Not as easy as a Flow dependant option (you’ll have to select every occurence to hide it) but it does work.
Hope this helps!

Hi Mark,

That will do the thing! Wish one could filter barlines, after a “select all” in Write Mode, so I could hide all bar numbers at once within a flow, without worrying about that with system breaks later, hehe…

Thank you very much!

Actually, I thought using Select more (usually super useful) would work but… it doesn’t. This is why I did not tell you to use it!

Oh, thanks for revealing me that option (Select more), it seems very useful!! (but indeed doesn’t work for barlines).