Show bar rests in up-stem voice, start of score


sorry if this has been asked already, I tried to find it but could not.

I have S and A on one staff, S enters after four bars. I would like to show the bar rests in S, but it won’t happen. I tried everything I could think of. How do I achieve this?

I managed to enter a whole bar rest, but I am not able to position it in the middle of the bar. This is probably not the right way to do it anyway…


Bar rests are available in the right panel, in Bars and Barlines category. If your alto voice is written in the first down stem voice, the bar rest could possibly appear in the first upstem voice… Did you make sure it was so ?
Hope it helps

Yes! Thanks! That did the trick.

Thank you Marc. Your answer allowed me to solve a similar problem.