Show brackets on groups in score but not in parts


I’m doing a bunch of arranging of full orchestral works for string ensemble. This means often giving wind parts etc to the first desk or first player (it changes) in a string section.

The way I’m doing this is with several staves per part.

Problem with that, is that I don’t get the control I’m used to over display of brackets and I can’t hide them in the parts.

In the score, I’d like to be able to put brackets around all the staves assigned to the Vln.1 part, without that bracket encompassing Vln.2 parts (separate bracket for that), and on the parts not show brackets at all.


I doubt this is available yet.

Yes, adrien, you’re quite right that this is not yet possible: because the bracket and brace settings are set at the Engraving Options level, they apply to all layouts. In the future I would anticipate us moving this to the layout level, so that you can adjust them on a per-layout basis.