Show Chord Track contents in editor windows

I often use Chord Track more as a reference, instead of having it actually affect anything directly. It would be immensely helpful when editing midi parts or using VariAudio if one could see the big picture of what is happening in the harmony.

It doesn’t need to be more than a simple chord track strip on top of the window, showing chord changes and where they happen.

Sad to see this request had to be repeated in the C10 forum. Was really hoping for this in the release. We should be able to see the Chord Track in any editor, even Audio.

The best workaround, as in only, is to edit in the Lower Zone and sync its Ruler with the Project Window.

And if like me you hate the limited space in the Lower Zone - you can have the same Part open in both the LZ and a full sized Editor. So you can edit big but keep an eye on the chords in the other window.

Another workaround is to have the editor windows not maximized but I usually like to maximize them for more visibility. Also when having to look at Chord Track in Arrange window, sooner or later one needs to go back and forth just for zooming if chord changes are frequent.

With improved VariAudio, it makes very much sense to see chords in audio edit windows as well.

Also, since editor windows are already synced with Chord Track, it’s literally just a matter of showing the info.

+1 is it available now in Cubase or Nuendo 10 ? Because it would be really helpfull to just follow what’s happening in the harmony when we try to improve a sketch in this editor !

No. But if you use the Key editor in the Lower Zone (or In-Line editing) then it can be set to align with the Chord Track in the Project Window. Not as good as being able to see chords in the full window editor, but it’s something.


This is really needed! How come it shows in Score editor! Please make this happen Steingerg also for VariAudio sample editor.