Show chords diagrams with custom tuning at start of flow

First of all, thank you very much for the 5.1 update. Full of very useful features and improvements. My question is about Chord Diagrams and the very useful feature that allows you to show all the chords that you have used at the start of the flow. I am writing for a Baroque Guitar - This has the same tuning as a regular guitar, but without the bottom E string. I have created a custom instrument with the appropriate 5 string tuning, but my custom tuning is not available in the drop down list of available tunings in the ‘Show chord diagrams used at start of flow’ dialogue box. I wonder whether this tuning list should automatically populate with additional custom tunings or if there is something I am missing?

It should do, yes. It might be that if you’ve created the new tuning during the current editing session, it won’t appear in the Layout Options dialog until the project has been saved, closed, and reopened. If that doesn’t help, please attach the project here.

Hi Daniel, thanks for the reply. I’m have been experimenting all day but have not solved the problem. I would like to delete the custom tunings that I have made and start again - When I created a completely new tuning, I found that it all worked as expected, but I can’t delete the specific tuning that is giving me problems, (this is a tuning I created several months ago) and through experimenting I have now got three identical user tunings (see screenshot) that I would like to delete completely. How can I do that? I have attached a project with my custom tuning that is not showing up in the Layout Options dialogue to show the used chords at the start of the flow.
Baroque Guitar Test (474.4 KB)

When I open your project, here’s what I get :

It seems to mean that those unwanted tunings are not embedded in the project, they must be somewhere else in your user preferences or settings… There’s probably a way to delete those tunings by hacking some file in the (hidden) user library>Application support>Steinberg>Dorico 5 folder (on mac)…

Hi Marc, thanks for checking this out. The main question is: does this custom tuning show up in the list of tunings in the Layout Options dialogue to ‘show used chords at start of flow’ under the fretted instruments tab? I’m happy to fish around in the appropriate xml file to delete this tuning, I just don’t know quite where it is.

Neither do I — I would have told you by now :wink:

okay, no problem, maybe someone from the team can help with how to delete custom tunings once they are created, but seeing as this tuning appeared on your system, can you please check whether it also appears in this dropdown list? Thank you!

Here’s what I get with your file, first opening the options, then opening up the list :

Hi Marc, Thank you for checking. This confirms that the custom tuning showed up on your system, but it also did not appear in the Layout Options dialogue where you can select the tuning for ‘Chord diagrams at start of flow’. This is the same as on my system.
I did create a new different custom tuning and it did appear successfully in that list, so I need to delete the one that is not showing up and start again. I need to delete it because if I create another one with the same tuning, it reverts to the original and I’m back where I started.
Maybe someone from the team can advise how I can delete that custom tuning or which xml file I should fish around in? I can get into my App Package Contents, but don’t know where to find this entry.

Sorry for the long delay in looking at this, Andy. The unwanted custom tunings must be in your user library. Please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here. I should then be able to remove the unwanted tunings from the user library XML file and return it to you.

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Hi Daniel, Thank you so much. Here is a Diagnostic Report.
Dorico (2.7 MB)

Here you go: (152.7 KB)

Unzip this archive, and replace the userlibrary.xml file in /Users/your-username/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 5 with this one.


Thank you! It works perfectly now!

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