Show Chords in Chord Symbol region NOT working for just Alto 1?

I can’t figure out why in Alto Sax 1 only I can’t get chords to appear in a “Chord Symbol Region.” I have "Show in Full Score and Parts" and “Show in Chord Symbol and Slash Regions” both selected, yet no chords in either the Part or the score. Including the Dorico project so someone can check on what I did wrong, plus this is a template I’m using for a large project of many charts so I’d really like this fixed.

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which means all instruments that player is playing

The settings that @jesele has shown you will set chord symbols to be shown above that player everywhere throughout the layout (not just in Chord Symbol and Slash Regions).

I’m not sure why this is happening but I tried changing the Alto Sax to a Rhythm Section Instrument in the Edit Instrument Definition dialog and then chord symbols showed up in your region.

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Was this project imported from an XML by any chance?

Hi @eedubya

The chord symbols are there, but for some reason they are hidden. Please uncheck Hide Signposts, and check Chord Symbols. You will now see signposts for all your chords in Alto Sax 1. When you click the signposts, look in the properties panel and you will see under Chord Symbols that Hidden is toggled on. Toggle that off and you will see your chord symbols.

Signposts are really your friend when you’re trying to figure out what’s going on.


Nice catch!

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Should @eedubya be using the option two below the one you have highlighted in blue, namely “Show in Chord Symbol and Slash Regions”?

Yes, but that didn’t work. @Chester.Jankowski solved it.


@Chester.Jankowski Thanks! And @DanielMuzMurray, yes it was originally from a MusicXML file, those things cause me no end of weird trouble. :angry:

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