Show Cubase Pro Desktop - Cubase Pro 11 and other aesthetic alterations

I would like to have a solid cubase background. I don’t like it being transparent.

This could easily be fixed with a registry entry. What would the string be, and why isn’t it an option in preferences? Steinberg, please implement.

Also, it would be nice if there were a lot more ways to customize the aesthetic. What would be dreamy is if there was an option to make it look like any other Cubase you desire. I could drop down a menu and make it look like Cubase 5, 6 or 7. You don’t realize how important that is for someone that has literally spent a year working on a project to settle back into the comfort of an old aesthetic. Like even Windows used to let you go back to a Windows 98SE look if you so desired. Or you could make Windows 7 look like Windows XP if you wanted. Give us options please.

The way the color schemes work in Cubase Pro 11 is very limited. Even 7 let you do a lot more.

You could still have the modern layout of the current program, but just give the look and vibe of the old ones.

I don’t like the gradual brutalism of the new designs. Like when I mix a track down. It looks like Cubase has gradually been turning into 90’s early 00’s Logic under Emagic. I like for Cubase to look like Cubase.

11 is neat, though! Just give us the options to make it look exactly how we want.

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I expect, you are on Windows… (Mac users are used to use this kind of graphics at all applications.)

Double-click the menu bar. The background become solid.

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Thanks for the welcome.

I know how to make the background solid. It resets every time I open Cubase. It’s almost worse that I can change it and then it doesn’t stick, or doesn’t have the option of staying on permanently. If it can default to transparent, it should be able to default solid. It would be a matter of one tiny registry entry being on or off.

Does anyone know of the registry entry location, and string?

Otherwise, apart from a couple of quirks, I’m really digging Cubase Pro 11.

I’m a curmudgeon when it comes to how something looks. One of the reasons I first went with Cubase back in the late 90’s early 00’s was because of how it looked vs Logic. I hated that blue/grey aesthetic of Logic. I liked how Cubase was colorful and contrasty looking. Now it looks like Logic. Well, actually 11 seems ok. It has a nice layout. I have the color scheme tweaked out as much as I can away from that Emagic Logic 90’s/early 00’s look.

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