Show current dynamic as overlay in write mode

I am using Dorico to arrange for big band. Sometimes a given instrument plays too softly and it turns out that several pages ago I had specified (p). For example, when using browser debugging, you can ask for “computed” style, which shows you what’s currently in use. It would be helpful to have an overlay showing the current dynamic level for each instrument, perhaps at each double-bar.

If you use the key editor you can see the dynamic lane for each instrument…

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This looked useful at first. But it does not follow the score as I scroll it horizontally, so it is difficult to follow along. The Key Editor was designed for some other purpose, as it presents a keyboard by default, whose purpose is unclear to me. I can drag the keyboard and velocity panes to minimal size, which makes the Dynamics pane visible, but it does not scroll with the score shown above in galley view.

If you add a temporary dynamic, with it selected you can press the left arrow key to select the previous dynamic in that instrument.