Show current tempo in miliseconds too (1/8 period etc.)

It would be handy to show current period in miliseconds together with BPM.
Very handly for setting time effects, delays, reverbs.
There is a plenty of free space on the left side of time track!

I feel like that’s a bit of a specialist feature… if you keep a calculator handy, the formula’s pretty easy:

15000 / BPM = time of 1/16 note in milliseconds
30000 / BPM = time of 1/8 note
45000 / BPM = dotted 1/8
60000 / BPM = 1/4 notes
240000 / BPM = 1 measure (1 bar)

Sure, just a workflow improvement, to see the value instantly, without calc.

It could be displayed under “length” in the editor, maybe offer the choice of how to display this, as in the way we can choose whether to display beats or seconds in the transport.

You could add a second ruler in seconds and see the absolute length of various notes in the first bar.

Also I can’t remember how long it has been since I’ve seen a VST that doesn’t let you set delay lengths in musical increments. Suppose that doesn’t apply for external FX.